1. How often is HYALO GYN® applied?
    One application every three days for a period of 30 days is recommended, unless otherwise recommended by your health care provider.
  2. Can I still use condoms while using HYALO GYN®?
    Yes, HYALO GYN® is able to be used with lubricated/nonlubricated latex, lubricated polyurethane, lubricated natural skin condoms.
  3. Can the applicator be used multiple times?
    Each applicator is for single usage and is not intended for multiple use.
  4. Does HYALO GYN® contain estrogen?
    No, HYALO GYN® is completely estrogen free.
  5. How do I have to store HYALO GYN®?
    The product should be stored in a cool, dry place (<104 °F).
  6. How long does one supply of HYALO GYN® last?
    One 30 ml package of HYALO GYN® is intended for 30 days of use every three days.
  7. How is the product applied?
    1. Screw the applicator (complete with plunger) onto the opening of the tube.
    2. Pull the plunger back until the piston is about halfway up the applicator.
    3. Squeeze the tube and fill the applicator up to the piston.
    4. Unscrew the applicator from the tube and, after thoroughly washing your hands and the area around your vagina, insert it into the vagina while assuming a crouching or supine (lying down) position.
    5. Push the plunger until all the gel has been expelled.
    6. Extract the applicator. The applicators are for single use only and must be discarded after use.
    7. In cases of severe dryness, it is advisable to expel a small amount of gel from the applicator before use, so that the tip is lubricated before being introduced into the vagina.

For more details please refer to the product information.