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Relieve vaginal dryness with Hyalo GYN, a naturally acting & effective vaginal moisturizer.

  • Quick, Long Lasting Relief
  • Hormone Free
  • No Messy Residue or Build Up
  • Fragrance Free, Clear Gel

Hyalo GYN® is a hormone free, clear, odourless vaginal mositurizer formulated with Hydeal-D® to provide you with quick, long lasting relief from the burning, itching and irritation associated with vaginal dryness. Unlike a lubricant, Hyalo GYN® can provide lasting hydration, which means you don't have to apply it so frequently. Because it's hormone free, Hyalo GYN® can be used by patients for whom hormonal products are not recommended, and can provide added benefit for those already using hormonal products. Read More

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Hyalo GYN - Vaginal Hydrating Gel (30 Day Supply)

Hyalo GYN - Vaginal Hydrating Gel (30 Day Supply)



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